Image of UK dad’s inflatable Santa mishap goes viral

Inflatable Santa image
Inflatable Santa image (KSAT)

UNITED KINGDOM – A photo of a United Kingdom man’s inflatable Santa mishap has gone viral.

The blow-up Santa decoration is nearly the size of a two-story home.

Matty James told The Sun that he purchased the $130 blow up off E-Bay, expecting it to be much smaller.

"I remember thinking it looked weird and then all of a sudden, once I started putting the air in it, it kept growing and growing. I did wonder if it was ever going to stop.”

The Santa grew to be over 25 feet and blocked neighborhood windows. Five people had to tie the Santa down.

“I’m known in the street for doing wacky things and when the neighbors came out they were all laughing their heads off, everyone was in hysterics,” James said.