How to get free, discounted plants from SAWS

WaterSaver coupons available for landscapes, patioscapes

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Water System is offering coupons to customers as part of the 2020 spring edition of the WaterSaver Program.

SAWS residential customers can apply for up to four coupons for landscape and patioscape, with a lifetime limit of eight.

The coupons are intended to help customers replace water-guzzling lawns with drought-tolerant garden beds and permeable patios.

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The $100 WaterSaver landscape coupon allows customers to choose any combination of 15 drought-tolerant plants from a list of more than 100 approved varieties to create a 200-square-foot garden bed. A list of eligible plants can be found here.

The $100 WaterSaver patioscape coupon is available for customers who want to purchase flagstone, pavers or stepping stones to create a 200-square-foot patioscape.

Customers can apply for two landscape coupons and two patioscape coupons during the spring season.

Depending on your choice of plants and/or pavers, the discount can vary greatly, so be sure to budget your project accordingly as you will probably still incur some costs.

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Applications for coupons must be submitted between March 2 and May 31, according to Garden Style San Antonio.

Customers who meet the requirements will be emailed coupons within two weeks. The deadline for inspection photos is July 15.

Garden Style San Antonio notes that customers “will be required to submit photos of completed projects in order to be eligible for more coupons or other conservation programs.”

Participants who successfully meet the criteria for conservation after creating new patio- and landscapes will receive an additional $50 coupon for mulch.

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