Apple varieties rediscovered by the Lost Apple Project

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This 2019 photo provided by the Temperate Orchard Conservancy in Molalla, Ore., shows apples that were collected by David Benscoter and EJ Brandt of the Lost Apple Project in northern Idaho and eastern Washington. They are identified as being of the Gold Ridge variety, which is one of 10 apple varieties in the Pacific Northwest that were planted by long-ago pioneers and had been thought extinct. (Joanie Cooper/Temperate Orchard Conservancy via AP)


— Gold Ridge, found near Pomeroy, Washington

— Sary Sinap, found in Latah County, Idaho

— Colman, found in Latah County, Idaho

— Claribel, found in Latah County, Idaho

— Butter Sweet of Pennsylvania, found in Latah County, Idaho

— Streaked Pippin, found near Waitsburg, Washington

— Milalfyi, found near Pullman, Washington

— Nelson Sweet, found near Seattle

— Fink, found near Boise, Idaho


— Nero, found in Whitman County, Washington (2014)

— Arkansas Beauty, found in Whitman County, Washington (2016)

— Dickinson, found in Whitman County, Washington (asterisk)(2016)

— Shackleford, found near Spokane, Washington (2017)

— McAfee, found near Whitman County, Washington (2017)

— Saxon Priest, found near Ellensburg, Washington (2017)

— Kittageskee, found near Boise, Idaho (2017)

— Ewalt, found near Rathdrum, Idaho (2017)

— Flushing Spitzenburg, found near Rathdrum, Idaho (2017)

— Surprise #1, found near Dayton, Washignton (2017)

— Regmalard, found near Troy, Idaho (2018)

— Excelsior, found near Moscow, Idaho (2018)

— Jackson Winter Sweet, found near Waitsburg, Washington (2018)