6-month-old baby dies after being left inside hot car by father, police say

Police: Eagle Pass father left baby inside car while working all day

By Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist

EAGLE PASS, Texas - A 6-month-old baby from Eagle Pass died Wednesday after, police said, her father left her inside his car for an undetermined amount of time while he worked at an area high school.

The Eagle Pass Police Department said police and emergency medical services responded to a call around 4:40 p.m. to assist the Eagle Pass Independent School District Police.

Shortly after authorities arrived at the district’s high school, a small female child was transported to the emergency room at a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

"It had been determined the child had been left in a vehicle within the school parking lot for an undetermined amount of time," Police Department officials said.

Officials said the department is currently helping district police in the ongoing investigation into the child’s death.

KSAT’s Weather Authority team said that, while the actual air temperature in Eagle Pass on Wednesday afternoon got as high as 100 degrees, it would have been substantially hotter inside of a car.

According to HeatKills.org, it’s estimated that the temperature inside the car rose to 119 degrees in the first 10 minutes, and to near 140 degrees in an hour.

According to kidsandcars.org, Texas ranks #1 in the nation in hot car deaths of children, with 121 fatalities since 1991.

According to kidsandcars.org, six children across the nation have died this year after being left in hot cars.

The Eagle Pass tragedy was the state’s first hot car death of a child this year. 

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