Mother fighting to find son's killer almost 1 year after his death

Gilbert Aaron Rocha, 25, killed by stranger in car

By Courtney Friedman - VJ, Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - On an innocent night, a stranger ended Gilbert Aaron Rocha's life.

"Silence is not an option. It's not an option for me. I will keep seeking justice for him because he deserves it," said Lori Rocha, the victim's mother.

It's been almost a year since her 25-year-old son, who went by Aaron, was killed in a random road rage shooting.

"He never gave me grief. He was a joy. He was a joy from the time he was born, and he was a blessing," Lori Rocha said.

His life was stolen by someone he never even knew. 

"It wasn't a retaliation or a gang or it wasn't drug-related. It was a lunatic on the road, has a fit of rage and pulls out a gun and shoots at the car he was a passenger in on Huebner Road," Lori Rocha said.

Aaron Rocha was sitting in the back of the SUV. Both he and the driver were shot, but the driver survived. 

The friend driving told police there were two men in the other car. He said all he did was cut that car off, and the passenger started shooting.

"I've been given a life sentence," Lori Rocha said while trying to keep her composure. "This person is free still, and I'll live the rest of my life with the death of my son. I cry every day for him. I miss him and that will never end."

Her fight to find his murderer won't end either.

"I want all San Antonio Texas, to know this killer is still out there. None of us are immune from gun violence. It can happen to anybody," Lori Rocha said. 

She hopes her son's tragic story will make people think twice before showing frustration on the road. 

"When I drive my car, I used to honk my horn. I don't honk my horn anymore. Let it go. It's not worth your life," she said.

Crime Stoppers is still offering $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest in the case. Aaron Rocha's mother is begging people who know something to anonymously call 210-224-7867.

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