ACS interim director lacks animal care experience

Joe Angelo helped reform 'no kill' plan

SAN ANTONIO - The new interim director at Animal Control Services admits he has no experience in dealing with animals, but believes he can help with the city's 'no kill' goals for 2012.

As the Assistant Director for the Office of Innovation and Reform, Joe Angelo headed up the city's effort to revamp 2012's no kill goal.

Angelo helped formulate and revise the plan and then was asked to implement it.

"When I came here I felt there was a void, a very clear void. The connection wasn't there and I'm here to say that I'm building it," Angelo said.

The Harvard graduate, who has a strong business background and four degrees, comes to the city shelter with a fresh perspective.

"Employees knowing that if there is a problem, you can come to me and that everyone in this organization is an agent of change," Angelo said.

Angelo admits to being clueless when it comes to animal care, realizing it may be a shortcoming for him, but he points out he is surrounded by experts.

Deputy City Manager Erik Walsh watched Angelo form the strategic plan over the summer, and now hopes he will be able to see it through.

"We needed to have someone with a strong management background to help motivate the workforce, provide some leadership," Walsh said.

Angelo said, "I think it's a huge challenge, and I welcome it and I serve at the pleasure of the city."

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