Ambush of Mexican marines kill 5, wound 12 in border city

MEXICO CITY - A Mexican marine and four suspected gunmen are dead after a coordinated series of ambushes against marine patrols in a northern Mexico border city. The attacks left a total of 12 marines wounded.

Authorities say marines were ambushed three times late Saturday and early Sunday in Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas.

Marines returned fire and killed one gunman in the first attack, but suffered three wounded.

Another patrol was sent to help the wounded when it also came under fire that killed one marine and wounded several others.

A third patrol was ambushed just outside the marine base as it responded to the attacks. In that shootout, three gunmen were killed.

Nuevo Laredo is dominated by the Northeast Cartel, an offshoot of the Zetas cartel.

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