Armed man to school stabbing suspect: 'Do you see what I have aimed at your head?'

Roberto Barron held in stabbing of wife; Passerby tells his side of story in online forum

By Stephanie Serna - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - A man who claims he pulled a gun on stabbing suspect Roberto Barron in front of Bonham Academy told details of the confrontation in an online forum.

The man's version of Tuesday morning's incident appeared on a forum where concealed handgun owners chat.

He said he told the suspect, Barron, to stop and when Barron didn't, he said, "Dude, do you see what I have aimed at your head?"

He said the alleged attacker stopped and asked him to call 911. The man, who said he stopped the stabbing, posted his thoughts about the whole incident on the Texas Concealed Handgun License Forum.

In it, he writes: "Thanks to all who have given me support and kudos for what happened yesterday. I got my CHL [concealed handgun license] about 18 months ago and have often wondered how I would react if needed to a situation like this...... "

"When this happened yesterday, as soon as I heard the lady screaming for help I started toward her car. I could here (sic) my wife calling me back, but I just couldn't stop. I thought that he was punching her until I saw the knife. To my amazement afterwards, I was very calm. I wasn't near as nervous as I thought I would be, and the gun was steady as I aimed at him...."

"Some have called my actions 'heroic.' I'd rather believe that this is just normal reaction for a law abiding citizen when he/she sees someone in distress."

Barron, 38, was charged with aggravated assault on Tuesday.

Police said Barron stabbed his wife multiple times in front of Bonham Elementary, after she dropped their daughter off at school.

On Thursday night, officials at the jail said the bond for Barron had been posted and that he will likely be released once he is fitted for an ankle monitor.

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