Backlash ensues over anti-violence event at NAACP convention

Father says children should not be used in presentation

By Deven Clarke - Crime and Justice Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Backlash ensued over an anti-violence presentation scheduled to happen at the NAACP Convention this weekend in San Antonio.

The presentation called “All Children Matter” will take place this Sunday. It's geared toward preventing violent acts against children in schools.

Gregory Jackson is helping the presenter, Carl Davis, round up local children of all ethnicities to participate in the presentation.

“After the presentation, after two minutes, we bring kids out with poster boards (reading) 'Am I next? Enough is enough. Guns versus children. Children vs guns,'” Jackson said.

For the presentation, Jackson needs more children to participate, so he sought the help of his friend, Chris Dawkins, president of the Lakeside Neighborhood Association.

Dawkins posted the request for child volunteers on the NextDoor app and received backlash for it.

“Anytime you use children, for any ideological purpose, it's just not right. They need to be adults, to where they can think for themselves,” said Matthew Louderback, a father and Lakeside resident.

Louderback believes the presentation will incite undue fear.

“If you put the whole story out there with the statistics, they're (children) going to say, 'Let’s go deal with this problem over here because there's more children getting killed on this,'” Louderback said.

“What has happened in the last couple of months, you have had a number of gun shootings, whether it was at a local newspaper or at a school. This is the best way to present it.” Jackson said.

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