City to see voter high in this year's runoff election

By Penny De La Cruz - Intern

SAN ANTONIO - With the summer’s runoff race closely approaching, Bexar County looks to break voter turnout records. 

In the last three days, nearly 37,000 people have cast an early vote in this runoff election, and with a few more days to cast a ballot there could be a continued rise in voting numbers so long as citizens continue to go out and vote. 

Bexar County elections administrator Jacque Callanen says there is a reason to believe the city will see a high in voter turnout. 

“We've seen in the last couple city elections, with their runoffs,” said Callanen. “We've had a higher turnout in the runoff, but we've never seen numbers like this for the city so we're really excited about it.” 

San Antonio’s last runoff election saw 60,000 voters, and there is still time to beat that number. 

The last day for early voting is June 4, and election day will be on June 8. 

The mayoral race, along with City Council seats for districts 2, 4 and 6 are all topics in this year’s runoff election. 

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