Could mountain cedar season be over?!

Mountain cedar disappeared from pollen count Monday

By Justin Horne - Weather Authority Meteorologist/Reporter Smit

SAN ANTONIO - As the winds gusted over 50 mph out of the north Saturday, most of us prepared for sniffly, sneezy, eye-itching days ahead.  Then, the pollen count arrived Sunday. 

Pollen counts for ashe juniper, commonly referred to as mountain cedar, were low. That was encouraging. Could cedar season be winding down with two to three weeks to spare?  Monday's pollen count sure seems to support the idea, arriving to KSAT Weather Center without a trace of mountain cedar.  

Why such good luck?  It seems as though the low count has to do with the fact that we suffered early this season.  Mountain cedar began showing up in early December, as opposed to its typical mid-December starting date. An average cedar season lasts 45-50 days, so it seems as though the ashe juniper's pollination days could be over, at least for this season.  It is news that gives us all the feels, minus the sniffling and sneezing.



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