Coyote responsible for cat killings in Universal City

Coyote blamed in deaths of multiple cats in neighborhood

By Mariza Mendoza - Reporter

UNIVERSAL CITY - Universal City police say surveillance video confirms a coyote is responsible for killing three cats in a neighborhood earlier this week.

The owner of one of the cats, Anthony Schneider, shared the video, and he warns his neighbors, the coyote is still on the loose.

Schneider is sad his 11-year-old cat Oliver fell prey to a coyote roaming the streets of Universal City.  He has surveillance cameras around his home. After hours of sweeping the video, it shows in the early morning hours Monday, Oliver tried to run away, but he was no match for the quickness of this coyote.

"With its kill pattern, we're afraid it might go after a human walking or jogging throughout the night," said Schneider.

Oliver's remains were found in the 200 block of Granada Drive, while the other cats remains were found a few blocks away. A necropsy also confirmed the cats' deaths due to an animal attack. Schneider fears the neighborhood is dealing with more than one coyote.

"The first time it's going so fast it almost looks like it's a smaller coyote, and then another scene two hours later we see a profile, it's actually larger, it could be two animals as well, both having a strange hunting and killing pattern," said Schneider.

He said Animal Care Services is looking into trapping the animal. Until then, he warns his neighbors to keep a closer eye on pets and children when outdoors.

"These animals don't seem to be afraid of them like a normal animal would. In the wild (they) would stay a distance away," said Schneider.

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