Crews rescue cat stranded on roof for 4 days

By Stephanie Serna - Reporter
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SAN ANTONIO - A cat that was stuck on the roof of a vacant two story building located at 3303 Broadway is now on the ground and safe.
Late Saturday night, crews with the San Antonio Fire Department got on the roof to get the cat down, but the cat got scared and made its own way down.
The cat made it safely on the ground and ran to a nearby Half Price Books store.
Eric Marbach, who had attempted to get the cat down earlier Saturday afternoon, said he believes the cat had been there for four days.
Marbach had attempted to rescue the stranded cat by climbing a 20-foot tree.
"We built a bridge for the cat to come across," said Marbach. "So, that on his or her own, eventually, it will find it's safe way down."
But, even after they set up a bridge with a branch and left some cat food in the tree, the cat wouldn't budge.
As a last resort, Marbach bought some fried chicken, put it in the tree, hoping the cat would come down.
Marbach said the cat started to make its way through the branch, but he lost it.
Later Saturday night, crews got word about the stranded cat and responded to the vacant two-story building to get the cat down.

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