New report ranks plastics, from chemical toxicity to landfill use

Defenders get reaction to recently released Plastics Scorecard

By April Molina - Reporter
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SAN ANTONIO - Amid mounting concerns about plastic, Clean Production Action recently released a Plastics Scorecard.

Both researchers and consumers agree it is a step in the right direction.

"I won't buy anything plastic to drink from or eat from," said mom, Anne Robertson.

In the last four years, Robertson has shied away from plastics almost completely.

Well ahead of her time, she began questioning chemicals and their effect on health and the environment in the early '90s.

"I think the awareness has grown exponentially since 1996," Robertson said.

Having read the Plastics Scorecard, Robertson is hoping it will give manufacturers the information they need to make greener choices from manufacturing to disposal.

"What is really useful about this scorecard is that they consider the entire process of the plastic," said University of Texas at San Antonio Chemistry Professor Dr. Carlos Garcia.

Its main application could be for people who buy in bulk, so they can make big decisions on a big scale.

Garcia said consumers in turn can then make educated choices about where to shop.

"You need to do your homework and read a little about the products you're about to buy. You can also put pressure on these companies. At some point they will start releasing at least some of the main components," Garcia said.

While many companies don't disclose the ingredients used to make plastic, some of the more environmentally friendly companies do, using transparency and integrity to market their products.

"It's definitely buyer beware, and I think the more you know, the better off you are," Robertson said.

Both Robertson and Garcia agree using less plastic should be the goal for everyone.

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