Puppy trapped inside CPS Energy yard for weeks

CPS Energy, ACS unable to trap dog to rescue it

By April Molina - Reporter
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SAN ANTONIO - When Billy Mays drove by the CPS Energy Natural Gas equipment yard a few weeks ago, he said he noticed a bunch of pipes and a bunch of dogs -- specifically, a mother and her litter.

He said he immediately called Animal Care Services to arrange for a rescue.

"When they first came out here, they said, 'Oh, (rescuers) can't get in because they don't have a key.' They actually had to go and call CPS Energy, which (owns) the natural gas site, ... to come out here to open it up," said Mays.

The rescue was going to have to be a joint effort between CPS and ACS because the yard is surrounded by a chain-link fence and the gate is locked up around the clock. 

"I've called the natural gas pipeline non-emergency number out here and they said they couldn't do anything about it," Mays said.

Despite what Mays was told over the phone, CPS Energy reports they have sent someone out to open the gate for ACS on seven occasions since Nov. 17 in an attempt to coordinate a rescue.

There are others who are concerned about the welfare of the puppy left behind.

Empty paper bowls once filled with food that were slipped under the fence now line the yard.

"Every day that I'm over here, I stop by and feed it, and it looks like other people have been as well, so it looks like there are other good people out here that care about the dogs," Mays said.

Lisa Norwood, with Animal Care Services, explains that is part of the problem.

"Any time that you feed animals, they become accustomed to being in the area and, of course, become accustomed to being fed. That prevents them from going into the traps," Norwood said.

She also explained ACS is going to continue trying to trap the dog because the large area is not conducive to running and around and trying to catch the dog.

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