Disabled vet searches for service dog

Service dog disappeared Nov. 6

By Isis Romero - Anchor

SAN ANTONIO - A military veteran, who suffered a severe head injury while fighting in Iraq, has been searching for his missing dog since early last week.

Brent Von Aschen said Tyson, a black Labrador, may have wandered away from his home on the night of Nov. 7. He has posted signs and flyers around San Antonio.

"It's not just a cool dog, he's an important dog, above and beyond the pet aspect of him," Von Aschen said.

Von Aschen suffers from memory loss and seizures, and said Tyson is so in tune with him, that he alerts him when a seizure is about to strike.

"He knows well in advance, hours in advance of any trouble that I have," Von Aschen said. "So, I've grown to depend on him."

Since Tyson went missing, Von Aschen is left without any extra help, and hopes the kindness of strangers will reunite him with his faithful dog.

"I just hope if somebody has him, that they understand that he's more than just a dog. That he's a companion, a best friend, and a seizure warning animal," Von Aschen said. "I hope that somebody will find him, and hopefully they can get him back to me."

Tyson is a black lab, about 110 pounds, and has a quarter-sized black spot on his tongue. He is also said to be pure black in color with no white on him other than a few whiskers.

Anyone who has seen the dog may call Von Aschen at (210) 365-9925

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