Family mourns loved one hit, killed on busy highway after night out

Authorities looking for driver

By Japhanie Gray - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - A family is mourning their loved one after she was hit and killed on a busy highway Friday.

Police said Taylor Skye Martinez, 22, was out at a bar with some friends, but when a designated driver was taking her home, things took a turn for the worst.  Her family said an altercation led to the accident.

“Another friend had called her while she was out and wanted to come pick her up,” said Lisa Diaz, Martinez’s aunt and godmother. “She went with that friend and the next thing we know, Taylor called her friends she was originally with and asked them to come get her. An argument was going on.”

Police said Martinez and her friends were traveling along Highway 90 when the car pulled over and Martinez got out and crossed over the median. That’s when she was hit by a white Ford F-150 pickup truck.

“We will never know why she jumped over the median, because my niece is not alive to tell us,” Diaz said. “But I know whatever caused her to jump over the median was a reason. I just know there is a reason. I don’t want to speculate, but she did. And from what I was told, she was killed on impact.”

Diaz said her niece was with her family so much that going out was a once in a while thing.

“I know there are stories out there now about her, but they don’t know my niece,” Diaz said. “Anyone who did know her was blessed to know what kind of person she was.”

Martinez’s family said she had been working to join the Army and loved her family deeply.

“She loved her sisters. They were her best friends,” Diaz said. “She was always with them for hours and hours. She had the best one-liners and could make anyone laugh. She was just amazing.”

Now, the family wants nothing more than for the driver of that truck to turn himself or herself in.

“Just do the right thing,” Diaz said. “We are not angry. We understand that you were put in position or in a situation that it is not your fault. If you have a heart, it must have been hurting you to keep going and leave my niece in the street like that.”

Anyone with information is asked to call authorities at 210-207-7273.  

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