Family moves back into home after devastating tornadoes

Many residents on Linda Drive still unable to move back home

By Deven Clarke - News Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - It’s been six months since devastating tornadoes touched down in the San Antonio area. Despite the months that have passed, some of the affected homes on Linda Drive are still uninhabitable.

One family said they were able to move back into their home a little more than two weeks ago.

The Solano family said they had to live in a hotel since the tornadoes hit. They know there’s a lot of work to do, and held a yard sale Saturday to help with the costs.

“We were really looking forward to moving back in because we missed our house very much,” Jeremiah Solano said.

The tornadoes that touched down in February had speeds of up to 105 miles per hour and left a 4 and a half-mile trail of destruction through north and northeast San Antonio.

The storms destroyed the Solanos’ porch, ripping the back portion of their roof off and hurt the family’s matriarch when part of a ceiling fell on her head.

The kitchen, living room, dining room, main bedroom and bathroom were severely damaged, and the storm left behind flooding.

With his children back in school, Jesse Solano said he knows the road back to normalcy won’t be easy. He said he hopes the proceeds from the yard sale will help.

“The hardest part would be the stress that comes along with not being able to be in your own home, not being able to live life the way you're used to living it,” Jesse Solano said. “It's just stressful, you know, especially with kids, because they're used to a certain routine and everything.”

Jesse Solano said, for the most part, his home is repaired, but it’s going to be a while before the family is back to where they were financially before the storm.





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