Ford develops noise-canceling dog kennel for pets who hate thunder, fireworks

By Mariah Medina - Digital Journalist

Earlier this month, Ford Europe unveiled a prototype for its noise-canceling dog kennel, which cancels out excessively loud sounds, such as fireworks or thunder.

Ford said in a blog post that that the kennel was "the first in a series of initiatives -- called interventions -- that applies automotive know-how to help solve everyday problems."

“We wondered how the technologies we use in our cars could help people in other situations," said Lyn West, brand content manager and marketing communications for Ford Europe. "Making sure dogs and their owners could enjoy a stress-free New Year’s Eve seemed like the perfect application for our Active Noise Control system, and we have a few more ideas in progress as to how our everyday lives might benefit from a little Ford know-how.”

According to the blog, Ford borrowed technology currently employed in the Ford Edge for its kennel.

Like the Ford Edge, the kennel is equipped with microphones that detect sounds, then emits opposing frequencies that significantly reduce the amount of noise let into the kennel, if not wholly canceling it, the blog post explained.

"The result? No more stress for your pet," the blog stated. "A concept for now, but with the potential to mean a much better start to the year, both for your dog – and for you."

The kennel, however, is not available to buy "at the moment." It's unclear when Ford intends to market the product commercially.

Ford included a video of its prototype, which is a prism-shaped kennel with an automatic door.

Check it out below:

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