Ghost tours around San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - The Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio is known as the most haunted hotel in all of Texas. It was built in 1859 between the Alamo and a coffin shop. The location of the coffin shop is now the Rivercenter Mall.

Lauren Swartz, along with her sister, Allison Schiess, own a company called Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours.

"We have so much history here and some of it tragic as well.  Remember, we had the battle of the Alamo that happened just next door, so we had a lot of people that lost their lives here," said Swartz.

The Sisters Grimm are direct descendants of the first families to settle in San Antonio, which makes them uniquely qualified for their nightly ghost tours.

"We've always grown up knowing all the history and hearing from all my grandparents," said Swartz.

While on the ghost tour, you'll hear about spirits that haunt the Menger Hotel, like a chambermaid named Sally White.

"She's most famously known for entering your rooms at night as you are sleeping," Schiess said.

Another ghost you will learn about was a wealthy businessman named Richard King. And if you're brave enough to stay in the hotel, you can actually stay in King's personal suite and sleep in the same bed in which he died. The King Ranch Suite is one of the most haunted in the entire hotel.

But it's not just about the ghost stories, it's also about the history of San Antonio.

"You'll learn a lot about the history that you did not know before," said Swartz said.

The Menger Hotel is not the only place you'll visit.  The ghost tour takes you through the streets of downtown.

While standing in front of the Alamo, Schiess said, "We're all standing on a mass graveyard right now.  So tread lightly!"

The sisters say even if you're skeptical of ghosts and spirits, you'll still enjoy the tour.

"I also think that skeptics love history," said Swartz.

However, if you do believe in the supernatural, there's a very good chance you could experience something on your visit.  Swartz said ghostly encounters happen all the time.

"Almost daily, there's something happening inside of this hotel," Swartz said.

The Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours happen every night except Sunday. You can choose to just walk along with the tour guide, or you can also add on a three-course dinner for an entire evening of frightening fun.

The sisters suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and bring some water along. They also say don't forget your camera. Some guests don't even realize what they've seen until they get home and check out their ghostly photos.

For more information, or to make a reservation, visit the Sisters Grimm website or give them a call at 210-638-1338.

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