History of SAPD officers killed in line of duty

By Chris Shadrock - Web - News Producer

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police Det. Benjamin Marconi joined a somber brotherhood Sunday. He was the 54th officer killed in the line of duty while serving the citizens of San Antonio.

Police Chief William McManus said Marconi was writing a ticket in his patrol car when a man drove up, firing two bullets into Marconi’s car, striking him both times. Marconi died at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

In the past year, the department has honored other officers killed in the line of duty over the history of the department’s century of service.

Below is just a sample of the messages the department has posted on its Facebook page.

The first-known officer killed in the line of duty was Fredrick Fieldstrup. He was killed on May 29, 1857.

Robert Deckard, the department's most recent officer killed in the line of duty, died on Dec. 8, 2013, while in pursuit of two robbery suspects. He died 12 days later after being taken off life support.

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Sergio Antillon was killed when he was hit by a drunken driver on Oct. 29, 2010. He was 25 years old.

Mario Moreno was killed on Sept. 21, 2007. He was 37 years old.

John Wheeler was killed in a traffic accident on Sept. 14, 2005. He was 41 years old.

Bernabe Salazar Jr. was shot and killed serving a narcotics warrant on Nov. 16, 1978. He was 31 years old.

James Bennett Jr. was killed on Sept. 3, 1975. He was 30 year old.

Winton Culpepper was killed on Sept. 11, 1954. He was killed while investigating a car accident. He was 32 years old.

Below is a timeline of SAPD officers killed in the line of duty since 2000. Click here for the full article.

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