How prepared are you for a massive power outage? Take the quiz

Power could be out for weeks in some areas affected by Hurricane Florence

By Michelle Ganley - Graham Media Group

The outer bands of wind and rain from Hurricane Florence started rolling in Thursday, as the monster storm is expected to arrive for an extended stay along the Southeastern coast, promising to drench the homes of 10 million people, the Associated Press reported.

Residents are either evacuating, about to evacuate or preparing for power outages, depending on where they live.

Power could be out for weeks, according to information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided earlier this week.

Are you, or would you, consider yourself stocked up at home, in the event of an emergency? Take the quiz below to find out. All of the checklist items are listed on as what you'll need in your basic disaster supplies kit, as well as some additional emergency supplies that the website recommended.


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