'Fatberg:' This London museum is trying to aquire what??

It hasn't decided how it would be displayed

By Chris Shadrock - Web - News Producer

Thames Water via AP

LONDON (AP) - London’s monster fatberg may be destined for a museum.

The Museum of London says it is trying to acquire a chunk of the 143 U.S. ton mass of oil, fat, diapers and baby wipes currently clogging one of the city’s Victorian sewers.

Utility company Thames Water is trying to dislodge the smelly blob, which is 820 feet long, by breaking it up with high-powered hoses. They say the process could take weeks.

Museum director Sharon Ament said Wednesday that adding the fatberg to its collection “would raise questions about how we live today and also inspire our visitors to consider solutions to the problems of growing metropolises.”

San Antonio has been fighting its own version of the "fatberg."

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San Antonio Water System has been campaigning for years for residents to do their part to help end the “grease monster.”

The campaign has been highlighting the need for people to properly dispose of grease and bacon fat. SAWS has also been trying to educate people that, despite the name, “disposable wipes” can’t be flushed down the toilet.

The museum hopes to obtain a cross-section of the fatberg. It hasn’t decided how it would be displayed.

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