Italian airport excludes pesto from liquid ban

Jars must be less than 500g, be Genovese

Pesto is being allowed on flights by one Italian airport.

The BBC reports Genoa's Cristoforo Colombo airport has decided to make an exception when it comes to liquid restrictions: pesto.

Pesto, a popular Italian sauce, is a specialty in Genoa. So popular and special, in fact, the airport says more than 5,000 jars have made it through security since June 1. To ensure passenger safety, the jars are scanned in a special x-ray machine and approved before being allowed onto the flight.

The airport says to make it through, a small donation of $0.55 is requested. The money goes to support Flying Angels, an organization that flies sick children abroad for treatment.

One 500g jar or two jars up to 250g are acceptable, and the sauce must be Genovese.