Jenna Hiller

GMSA Reporter

I'm a morning person. No matter what time I wake up, my first few hours of the day are my best. I get up ready to hit the ground running. That's why I love spending my mornings reporting on Good Morning San Antonio!

There's never a dull moment for a reporter. Each day brings a new adventure. When my alarm goes off at 2:45 a.m., I'm excited to get to KSAT and find out what's in store.

Whether I'm reporting from a crime scene, a fire or covering one of the traditions that makes the Alamo City unique, I get a front-seat view of what's happening around the city.

I'm glad I can take our viewers along for the ride, and keep them informed about what's happening in their city. I love being a part of the team that does that best.

Few people can say they go to work each day with colleagues they can respect and trust. I am one of the lucky few who has the privilege of working with such an esteemed team.

It's a true honor to get up early and be a part of the GMSA crew.

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