Jury finds man not guilty in 'revenge murder' trial

Ignacio Jimenez was charged in slaying of Roland Pantoja

By Bill Barajas - Reporter, David Ibanez - Web - Managing Editor

SAN ANTONIO - A jury Thursday found a 53-year-old man not guilty of fatally stabbing a 34-year-old man in August 2016.

Jurors deliberated for two hours before deciding that Ignacio Jimenez was innocent of killing Roland Pantoja in what prosecutors called "a case of revenge and retaliation."

Prosecutors said Jimenez stabbed Pantoja after the victim ran over him with a vehicle. Pantoja was stabbed 18 times when his body was found on Quintana Road.

But family members testified that Jimenez was too injured from being run over to have stabbed Pantoja. 

Prosecutor Kaytlyn Knowles disputed their testimony.

"Defense council would have you think that it was impossible for him to commit this crime because he was so badly injured. And his family got up there and said, 'Look it's impossible, it just was.' But here's the deal. Your pelvis had nothing to do with your upper body."

Defense attorney Robert Maurer questioned the prosecution's key witness, saying he was known to change his story.

"It's not there. This entire case rests on James Chapa and a half-a**ed attempt by the police to try and get someone to confess to a crime because they have no other evidence," Maurer said.

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