Local ALS patient puts epic twist on Ice Bucket Challenge

Lyman Jones has had disease for 14 years

By Cory Smith - VJ, Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - A local ALS patient put his own twist on the ice bucket challenge Monday, getting doused by 14 buckets of ice water.

Lyman Jones wanted to take part in the viral sensation to remind the public about the importance of ALS research and the search for a cure, but in his own unique way.

"Lyman has the same spirit that he had when I knew him in elementary school," said Lyman's friend and spokesperson Paul Bonner. "It's giving people like Lyman who've been suffering from this terrible disease a hope that there might actually be a cure."

Before he was diagnosed with ALS Lyman was an adventurer. His family said he enjoyed rock climbing and kayaking and was an instructor at the National Outdoor Leadership School.

He decided to take the challenge 14 times to signify the 14 years that he has lived with the disease.

"Lyman's always been an adventurer so I expect nothing less," his mother, Emily Munoz Beuche said.

The 14 buckets also represent the 14 nominations Lyman made for the Ice Bucket Challenge. He wants the entire city council and mayor to take the ice cold challenge.

He also nominated current El Rey Feo, Jerry Green, who took the challenge right next to Lyman.

"I am the Rey Feo. I am the people's king. I represent him, and when he asked how could I say no," Green said.

For Lyman's mother the hardest part of the last 14 years has been watching her strong son lose the ability to move his arms and legs and speak. She hopes his taking the challenge is an inspiration to other ALS patients and inspires the public to help in his fight.

"We absolutely have to spend more dollars on research, she said. We have to find a cure"

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