SA airport gears up for Thanksgiving travel rush

Rush will start Friday

SAN ANTONIO – The Thanksgiving travel rush will start Friday, and the Transportation Security Administration and San Antonio International Airport workers are gearing up for the long lines ahead.

On Wednesday, the airport provided reminders that could help ensure passengers experience a smooth process as they travel. Lexi Gorena, with the TSA, said passengers should start by separating their items before they get to the airport.

“Wear the right clothing, something that’s easy to slip on and off. Remember, you’re going to have to take off your shoes and coats,” Gorena said.

San Antonio Airport System offers tips for stress-free travel this holiday season

Weapons and large liquids must be in your checked-in luggage.

“We can see these things through the X-ray. We will catch them,” Gorena said. “Please don’t bring them through the checkpoint. It’s going to take more of your time. It’s gonna delay the process and possibly even delay your flights.”

Any wrapped presents could also slow you down. Instead, the TSA suggests you put them in gift bags in case agents need to check them.

Don’t forget your passport or other identification card, depending on where you’re traveling.

The TSA is also reminding travelers about the Real ID Act, which will take effect on October 1, 2020. This means all identification cards will have a gold star on the right-hand corner to ensure that you have the proper ID.

If you have questions about your travel documents or items that you want to carry on board, you can send the TSA a picture of it on Twitter or Facebook.

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