More than 100 roosters and hens removed from Hays County home in alleged cockfighting case

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

Hays County Sheriff’s deputies removed more than 100 roosters and hens from a home in Buda in a suspected case of cockfighting.

A spokesperson with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office said an animal control unit responded to a home on Rolling Hills Drive on Nov. 4.

The case was turned over to the criminal investigations division who executed a search warrant on Tuesday.

More than 100 roosters and chickens were taken to the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter but no arrests have been made in the case, the sheriff’s office spokesperson said.

The shelter put out an urgent request for donations Tuesday.

“...we have been put in a pretty tough spot today, and we REALLY need your help! This afternoon, we received more than 100 roosters and hens from Hays County. As you can expect, we weren’t ready for this number of animals all at once, and need your help collecting extra kennels to keep them separated, as well as chicken feed and disposable trays or pans to keep them fed,” the shelter posted on Facebook.

A shelter employee said they received the help the needed and are no longer seeking donations to care for the fowl.

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