San Antonio K-9 handler writes book honoring dogs who served overseas

‘The Dogs I’ve Known in 2 Wars Book One: Iraq’ to be released next month

SAN ANTONIO – Dennis Blocker has quite the story to tell. He has seen firsthand how brave dogs can be in times of war.

After retiring from the Air Force, Blocker began to train K-9s.

He would then get hired by a contractor to help the military with the dogs that were being used during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Dennis Block and one of his dogs that he trained and served overseas.

Blocker, along with his two dogs, was often called upon to sniff around for explosives and contraband.

“It’s bothered me that nobody knows about them,” Blocker said.

When he returned back to the United States, with urging from his family, Blocker decided to write a book about the dogs who have saved so many soldiers overseas.

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It would take him eight years to complete book one of the two-part series, because of a bout with cancer.

“I’m thinking, Lord please let me survive,” Blocker said. “I wanted to see this printed.”

This month, the realization became a reality when the cover for “The Dogs I’ve Known in 2 Wars Book One: Iraq” was revealed to him.

“It was an honor for me to always hold that leash and walk behind those dogs,” Blocker said. “These dogs are protecting America, your sons, daughters, and our allies.”

The book is set to be released next month. You can visit the book’s website,, to register for a book and to learn more about Blocker and his dogs.

The cover of the book that Dennis Blocker will release next month.

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