City working to create walk-in clinic to serve people with immediate mental health needs

Report finds San Antonio needs more services for behavioral health

The city of San Antonio is working to create a walk-in clinic to serve people before a crisis situation.

SAN ANTONIO – A consulting firm examined about 25 studies from different agencies involved with addressing behavioral health issues in San Antonio.

“What we asked them to do is really take each of those studies, identify what are the things that those agencies that commission the studies were going to do and then really sift out what those gaps were going to be that the city could help push,” said Edward Gonzales, assistant director of the Department of Human Services.

The report from consulting firm Ladder Logik shows many people are suffering from a mental health crisis.

“A number of individuals are suffering from crisis because they have missed the appointments they have with their psychiatrist or they don’t have the proper access to medications that would help continue to have them stabilized,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said the primary recommendation was to establish a clinic for youths and adults.

“It can help parents understand that some youths are experiencing some mental health issues, and that can help them connect to resources that are appropriate for their age," Gonzales said.

The walk-in facility would serve people before a crisis and create immediate access to services.

“Having a pre-crisis clinic can help address the issue between folks that are seeking treatment and (when) they’re discharged. In some cases, there is time between their appointments to get to their next appointment. Sometimes, that’s as much as six months,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said the clinic would be free for those who can’t afford it. He said the city will be looking into grants and funding options.

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