Homeowners wake to truck crashing into kitchen, police say

Crash occurred around 3 a.m. in 1500 block of Delachaise Street

SAN ANTONIO – “A loud boom,” It’s how Shirley Smith described what they heard at 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

“And he jumped up out of bed and I said ‘I think somebody just hit our home,’” Shirley Smith said.

It’s not the kind of alarm clock you want to wake up to, but it’s how Smith and her husband Jerry woke up Thursday while they slept in the back of their north-central home near Thousand Oaks and Jones Maltsberger.

A truck barreled through their dining room. To make matters worse, the man then drove off. The Smiths ran outside and watched the driver struggle to get away.

“Then we come out and he backs up and hits the garbage can, goes over and hits the tree and then he left,” Jerry Smith said.

The San Antonio Police Department says they found the driver’s truck parked at a home in the neighborhood, who apparently made it easy for police to find.

“Police followed the trail of bricks and oil all the way to his house, so they know who did it,” Jerry Smith said. “Too bad he didn’t stick around. We love to meet our neighbors.”

The fire department was called to the scene to make sure the Smith’s home was still structurally safe. The Smiths even treated the first responders to coffee.

Police say the driver wasn’t arrested but cited for a misdemeanor. Shirley Smith says this is not the first time someone has hit their home.

“That’s when the rocks came in but it didn’t stop this guy,” Shirley Smith said.

“I’m going to get bigger rocks.”

Despite the Smith’s mess, they are keeping a positive attitude.

“Well, what are you going to do? Insurance will take care of it nobody got hurt,” Jerry Smith said. “Merry Christmas!”

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