Fight over laundry leads to arrest on South Side

Suspect was involved in previous incident at same laundromat, police say

SAN ANTONIO – A fight at a South Side laundromat Tuesday morning had police doing some sorting of a different kind.

They had to sort through the details of the incident, which initially was reported as a robbery in the 1500 block of W. Southcross.

Officers answered the call, which came in around 5 a.m., from a woman who said her clothes had been stolen at the laundromat by a man with a knife.

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Police took a man into custody at the scene and said they did find a knife inside the business.

Officers spoke with the alleged victim at another location and determined there was no robbery.

Instead, they said it was a disturbance between two groups of people regarding the ownership of a basket of laundry.

Police say the laundromat is the same location where a driver intentionally knocked a man through a glass window during a dispute two weeks ago.

Officers said the man who was taken into custody after the laundry dispute is the same man who was knocked through the window on Dec. 10.

Although police determined there was no robbery committed, the took the man into custody in connection with an outstanding warrant for evading arrest.

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