Study: 6.7 billion robocalls placed to Texas in 2019

Each person in Texas received nearly 210 robocalls last year, YouMail reports

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TEXAS – The state of Texas was no stranger to robocalls last year.

According to a study from YouMail, Texas received a total of 6.7 billion robocalls, which estimates to roughly 210.5 calls per person affected.

However, those numbers could change in 2020.

President Donald Trump recently signed a bill that will fine companies $10,000 for each illegally placed call.

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Still, the amount of robocalls received in the state of Texas has gone up exponentially over the years.

YouMail says in 2018, Texas received over 5.3 billion robocalls. In 2017, the state received over 3.4 billion robocalls.

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