Teen witness, mother detail what they experienced during fatal downtown bar shooting

All-ages concert taking place when chaos broke loose

San Antonio – A teen witness and his mother are speaking out against gun violence after a shooting rocked a downtown bar Sunday night.

San Antonio police said the shooting left two people dead and several others injured at the hands of Kiernan Williams, 19.

Jacob Flores, 17, said he was attending an all-ages concert at Ventura when the shooting happened.

“It started with me going there to support a friend who was going to rap and perform there,” Flores said. “Fortunately, he wasn’t there at the time and was going to be on his way. I walked in because I was on the guest list, and I sat by the bar just watching the other performers.”

Flores said he saw a group of people acting suspiciously 45 minutes later.

“They look like they had an angry look on their faces for some reason, and then, like, suddenly they went to the back, behind the crowd, and then you just heard gunshots and everybody ran out the venue,” Flores said.

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Flores said he called 911 while he was running away from the shooting.

“I told them shots were fired and people were down,” Flores said. “The dispatcher even heard the gunshots over the phone because it was just crazy out there.”

Flores said seeing the bodies was troubling to him.

“It blew my mind because I didn’t think something like that would happen in that small of a place,” Flores said. “I wasn’t expecting it. It was kind of like an unreal moment.”

Tracy Fuentes, Flores’ mother, said she was equally disturbed by getting the phone call.

“It is a call no parent wants to get,” Fuentes said. “This is just happening more and more. The scary part about it now is that a lot of families can’t even go to the movies, go to church to worship, go to school. Anywhere you go now, you have that in the back of your mind — ‘What if?’”

She said she is thankful her son made it out safely, no matter how fast things got out of hand.

“My husband was down the street from him because he was there supervising him to make sure he was OK, and he had just gone to get gas. That is how quick it was.” Fuentes said.

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Fuentes said she is fed up with gun violence.

“They are not stopping and thinking about the long term,” Fuentes said. “It is in the moment. ‘How am I feeling at this moment?’ They are using their emotions and they are acting on that rather than (using) common sense. They really need to think about what they are doing before they pull that trigger.”

Fuentes said as she prays for the family affected by the horrific shooting, she hopes Williams learns a lesson.

“In that one moment of his anger that he lost control, he changed some people’s lives for the rest of their life in a very bad way,” Fuentes said. “So he really needs to think about the effect he has had on these families.”

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