Consumer Reports test space heaters for office use

SAN ANTONIO – Office temperatures are sometimes unpredictable and often out of our control, which means workers may be forced to take matters into their own shivering hands.

“If your building allows it, a small space heater can warm up your office. The safest place to put it is on the floor, not your desktop. Always plug it directly into the wall, don’t use an extension cord. And keep it at least three feet away form any combustible materials,” said John Galeotafiore, of Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports tested space heaters for office use.

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Top ratings went to a slimline model, CZ499R, from Comfort Zone, for $70 and an oscillating heater from Lasko, model number C23160, which also costs $70.

Remember, though, to always turn a heater off when you leave, even if it's only for a short meeting.

Another problem is dry winter air. A personal humidifier can help.

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An overheated office can dry out your nasal passages and your skin. Personal humidifiers work well in small rooms and we found most of them are easy to maintain.

Consumer Reports’ top choices are Hunter QLS-03 for $30, which runs quietly and the Well from Walgreens, which also costs $30 and automatically shuts off when it’s empty.

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