Forget a cake smash. THIS is how you celebrate a first birthday in Texas

Calista Morales celebrated her first birthday with a ‘rib smash’

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Paul and Denise Morales

Calista Morales celebrates her first birthday with a 'rib smash.'

SAN ANTONIO – It’s become a tradition for many parents to celebrate a child’s first birthday with a smash cake - a personal cake that the child can dig in, get dirty and enjoy.

But when your dad is a Texas pitmaster and owns a barbecue catering company, you can plan to celebrate your momentous occasions with meat.

Paul and Denise Morales posted some adorable photos of their daughter Calista, digging into some juicy barbecue ribs on her first birthday.

"A pitmasters daughter does not simply do a cake smash for her first birthday. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the ‘Rib Smash,’” Morales posted on his catering company’s Facebook page.

Unlike some other children who may get their very first taste of cake on their first birthday, this wasn’t Calista’s first rodeo when it comes to barbecue.

“Her first taste was when she was about 8 months old. She was sitting in my wife’s lap as we ate, and before we knew it she had a rib In her hand and was licking the sauce off the bone,” Morales said.

“I usually have a catering job every weekend and I call her and my wife Denise my ‘barbecuties’ because they love to hang around the cutting board at slicing time,” he said.

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