‘They were blessed’: Man at center of social media search recounts helping father, toddler after Hwy 281 crash

A Reddit user posted on the site to look for the man who helped her husband and daughter after a crash on Highway 281
A Reddit user posted on the site to look for the man who helped her husband and daughter after a crash on Highway 281 (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – After a long night of driving for his job from Fort Worth to San Antonio, Baldemar Flores was headed home when he saw a vehicle hydroplane right before his eyes and hit a wall on the highway.

The crash happened before 6 a.m. Wednesday in the 7500 block of U.S. 281 South, according to the wife of the man who crashed his vehicle.

Social media user finds man who helped father, toddler safety after accident on Hwy 28

Flores said he saw a man get out of his vehicle after crashing, who was hurt by the impact of the crash.

“He got out and he was holding something. That’s when I saw that he was holding his baby, and she was crying,” Flores said.

The road on the highway near the Quarry had standing water from the night before, and it started raining shortly after the crash, Flores said.

He went to help the man and his 18-month-old daughter after seeing that the man was shaken up following the accident.

“I had a big jacket that covered her up, and I looked at her and she was OK, no broken arms or nothing, but he was hurting. His eye was bloodshot — I guess from the airbag (impact),” Flores said.

Another driver had stopped to help, too, and Flores told him to call 911. The driver said he had already made the call and also blocked the road before police got there so that other drivers wouldn’t hit the crashed vehicle, Flores said.

Flores said his friends from work, Pete and Art, later saw the crash and also stopped to help and direct traffic before emergency services arrived.

Flores told the injured man to get inside Flores’ truck so that they could get out of the rain and wait for first responders to arrive.

“I had the baby in the front with me to make sure she was OK. She was being quiet and all of a sudden started talking a little bit — baby talk, and then that’s when the fire department and the ambulance and everybody started getting there,” Flores said.

After emergency services personnel evaluated the injured man and his daughter, Flores offered to give the man a ride home.

The fire department helped load the car seat into Flores’ truck, and he took the injured man and daughter home. When they arrived, the man met his wife outside.

“(He) got to see his wife, give her a hug. She tried to give me some money and I told her no,” Flores said.

After he dropped them off, Flores went back home. Hours later, the injured man’s wife posted to Reddit to look for the man who helped her family.

“Mister if you’re out there thank you. Thank you for giving my baby warmth. Thank you for bringing them home for me. You did this out of kindness of your heart and I will always be grateful to whoever you are. I hope you see this,” the Reddit post read.

KSAT contacted the woman, who did not want to be identified, to get her side of the story. She told KSAT.com her daughter was shaken up after the accident and her husband’s leg was injured, but he planned to go to work on Monday.

The woman said all she wanted to do was thank the man who helped her family again.

“He stopped when he didn’t have to. Thought of my daughter’s comfort. Brought them home when he didn’t have to. Held my baby when her dad couldn’t,” the woman told KSAT.com.

She shared her email in hopes of trying to track down Flores. About 9 minutes after KSAT’s story was posted to Facebook, a user tagged Flores, who confirmed he was indeed the man who helped the family.

UPDATE: The wife of the man confirmed to KSAT News that the good Samaritan she sought was found.

Posted by KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Flores said he’s been traveling through Highway 281 for more than a year for his job and just wants the officials to do something about the standing water in the area when there is heavy rain to reduce traffic incidents.

He said he hopes the family is doing OK and had a message for them.

“They were blessed because it could have turned into an ugly thing. I’m a truck driver and I see a lot of ugly things going from here to Fort Worth. I see it all the time. I’m just grateful that they’re OK,” he told KSAT.com.

Flores said his daughter has reached out to the woman who was looking for him, and he hopes to get to meet the family again to check up on them.

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