SAPD officer’s arbitration appeal continues after ‘prank’ involving feces

Some of the officers called as witnesses for Luckhurst described a ‘joke subculture’ in the police department

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio police officer accused of using excrement to harass female colleagues is still working to win his job back.

What Matthew Luckhurst called 'a prank' got him fired.

On Thursday, he continued his arbitration appeal to win back his position.

City documents claim the former bike patrol officer defecated in the women's toilet at this substation, didn't flush it and then smeared the seat with a brown food product.

On Thursday morning, his attorney called several officers as character witnesses for Luckhurst.

Arbitration underway for SAPD officer who gave homeless man feces sandwich

Some of them described a 'joke subculture' in the police department.

That includes putting snakes or rats in fellow officers' squad cars or in hot weather, leaving a dirty diaper under the front seat.

Later, Luckhurst took the stand for the second time this week to explain why he wants back on the force.

"I can't sit here and say, 'I've done nothing wrong.' I've been immature in the past. I've learned from it. I, um, enjoyed serving the public. I enjoy putting on that uniform," said Luckhurst.

It will be at least several months before the arbitrator rules.

‘In hindsight, it was immature:' SAPD officer fired in ‘prank’ involving feces takes stand in arbitration hearing

This is the second firing for the officer. The first was over giving a homeless man a sandwich of dog feces.

Luckhurst appealed that previous dismissal and won.