Map: 7 credit card skimmers at gas stations reported to SAPD in January

Four skimmers found in one gas station, records show

Going after gas pump skimmers

SAN ANTONIO – Police started 2020 by finding seven credit card skimmers around San Antonio.

San Antonio Police Department records were obtained by KSAT through an open records request Thursday.

Although a new state law that went into effect last year was intended to exempt gas pump skimmer location, the City of San Antonio made a case to the Texas Attorney General’s Office to release the records.

Here’s why you can no longer see locations where police have found skimmers

The attorney general’s office ruled that at least part of the records were allowed to be released.

Those records show that the skimmers were found in only three locations.

Four of the skimmers were found at a gas station on Fresno Road. Two of them were found at a gas station on S. WW White Road, and one was found on Nogalitos.

All the skimmers were found over two days, according to the data.

Police say the best way to avoid having your data compromised includes visiting gas stations with more modern pumps.

Those pumps are chip-enabled, encrypted and difficult to tamper with, investigators say.

At least 128 skimmers were seized in 2019.

Where San Antonio police picked up 16 credit card skimmers in August

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