Produce distributor: Food supply chain is strong

Response to demand ‘mildly chaotic’

Produce distributor: Food supply chain is strong
Produce distributor: Food supply chain is strong

SAN ANTONIO – A longtime wholesale produce distributor said the run on grocery stores and images of empty shelves doesn’t mean there isn’t more food on the way.

"The food supply chain is very, very, very strong," said Nando Gonzalez, owner of River City Produce.

Gonzalez said growers are sending shipments daily despite experiencing "huge spikes" in demand across the nation.

He said his employees, along with extra crews, have been working 24/7 to fill orders from retailers in San Antonio and elsewhere.

Gonzalez said retailers have been "very, very patient," but he realizes their shoppers are waiting.

He agrees it's been "mildly chaotic" since late last week.

What began with a couple of calls became dozens from his clients.

"There's so much panic buying, and there's plenty of supply," Gonzalez said.

He urges consumers to "be calm."

“We’ve got some fantastic retailers that are making sure Texas is being taken care of,” Gonzalez said. “We’re doing what we need to do. We’re here to help.”

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