Companies pledge not to cut your cable, internet if COVID-19 prevents you from affording it

FCC asked companies to pledge to keep services running

SAN ANTONIO – People stuck at home because of COVID-19 are probably using cable and internet more than ever.

Many viewers have been calling and writing into KSAT asking if their services will be cut off if they can't pay, due to financial impacts of the Coronavirus.

There is some good news.

This week the FCC called on telecommunications companies across the nation to take a Keep Americans Connected pledge.

They are asking companies to pledge several things for the next 60 days for people and businesses affected financially by the pandemic:

  • They will not terminate services
  • They will waive any late fees
  • They will open WiFi hotspots to any American who needs them

Less than 24 hours after the FCC announcement, dozens of companies made the pledge, including AT&T, Spectrum, Grande Communications, and GVTC.

As far as what is happening with technical service employees who have to go into people’s homes to fix equipment, all the companies KSAT contacted said the same thing.

Their techs are still working under several conditions.

  • They will pre-screen customers, asking if they are sick or have been in contact with anyone who is sick. if so, they will try to serve the customer over the phone or through video.
  • They will ramp up hygiene procedures, washing hands and using sanitizer.

Companies are asking people to please be honest with the technicians about your health. They are risking their own health to be there at your home.

Also, when it comes to returning equipment, most companies are asking people to mail them in, or follow specific instructions when dropping it off.

Make sure you check out the company website for their requirements.


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