Fitness instructors using social media to keep quarantined people moving

Workout program moved from outdoor spaces into cyber space

SAN ANTONIO – In the garage of a Cibolo home, “camp” opens up before the sun comes up, three days per week.

One recent morning, it was under the direction of both Tori Ellis and Danielle Palmieri-Brown, instructors with Camp Gladiator.

The franchise involves intense workouts that usually are held in parking lots and open spaces all over town.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, though, they and others in the fitness world have had to make big changes.

“We’re changing people’s lives and they’re changing ours,” said Palmieri-Brown. “When we were told we couldn’t meet, (we were) completely crushed.”

Instead of meeting in those usual places, they’re now holding sessions in cyberspace. With the help of social media sites, such as Facebook and Zoom, they’re able to livestream their workouts to members.

“I know that it’s been a positive thing to keep some normalcy in their lives, to have an outlet for the stress,” Ellis said.

Making the switch has involved some training on the part of the instructors. Used to getting and giving face-to-face feedback, they’ve had to adjust to facing a computer screen instead and sending motivation across the miles.

“It’s foreign but it’s almost, like, an opportunity that we might never have touched before,” Palmieri-Brown.

Ellis agreed, saying that both her fellow instructors and members appear to be transitioning well.

Both say the goal is that by reaching out in this way, they’ll help make staying indoors more bearable for others.

For more information on Camp Gladiator, click here.

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