SAQ: What would wider testing mean to local hospitals, the city?

Your COVID-19 questions answered

SAN ANTONIO – More COVID-19 testing will soon come to San Antonio. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is expected to loosen testing criteria to include anyone experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Our viewers wanted to know how this would effect not only the city but the local hospital system.

SAQ: How big of a problem has testing been in San Antonio? What would wider testing mean for the city?

Emergency room doctor Robert A. Frolichstein said right now he sees a high volume of patients with flu-like symptoms but who do not have the new coronavirus.

The ability to test more people could lower the risk of viral spread by keeping people quarantined at home and out of the hospital if they aren’t sick enough to be hospitalized.

Futhermore, Frolichstein said “People who know they have a diagnosis are much better at doing the quarantining that is so important when a patient does go home with that illness.”

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