Participate in a new kind of egg hunt this week (social distancing appropriate)

Alamo City Moms Blog encouraging neighborhoods to take part

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SAN ANTONIO – This year’s Easter Sunday will be different than any other.

This coming Sunday, there will be no big family gatherings or egg hunts, but one local group of moms is encouraging a new type of egg hunt.

Alamo City Moms, a local blog, is hoping families can take part in a neighborhood egg hunt that is social-distancing approved.

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How does it work? You print out an egg or two from the printables on their website and hide them in your windows. You can also create your own.

If you go on a neighborhood walk or drive you can have the kids “hunt” for all the eggs they can find.

This resembles the stuffed the bear hunt that neighborhoods were doing recently to keep the kids entertained while at home because of COVID-19.

Click to visit Alamo City Moms website and to print out your eggs.

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