SAQ: How can we get a true count of local cases without testing everyone? What’s SA’s plan for protecting homeless people?

Your COVID-19 questions answered

SAN ANTONIOSAQ: How can we get a true and accurate count of who is infected if testing is hard to obtain both medically and financially?

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said testing is not the easiest to come by but accessibility is getting better. He says getting tested is the only way to have an accurate count but in the mean time, public health authorities suggest treating everyone we encounter like they could be carrying the virus.

“We know the virus is much more widespread than what the current testing shows because simply the testing has not been wide enough in any community,” Nirenberg said.

SAQ: What is the plan to protect the homeless population?

Right now there are no known cases of COVID-19 among the homeless population in San Antonio. Mayor Nirenberg says if that changes the city has a plan in place to help the patient and help prevent spread in that community.

“We have for several weeks now had a facility under contract where we can do that. Thankfully we haven’t had to use that isolation facility,” Nirenberg said.

The mayor says the city is also working with Haven for Hope to make sure the shelter isn’t overcrowded during this time.

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