You can make a baaaaad day in quarantine less stressful with exclusive goat, llama Zoom meetings

If you sign up, you can see the farm, take a much-needed break and spend time with goats or llamas

Generic photo of a goat.
Generic photo of a goat. (pixabay)

Looking to add some stress relief to your daily Zoom conference calls? Or, maybe you’re just looking for a quick, virtual farm escape from your quarantine routine? The Sweet Farm Animal Ambassadors has got you covered.

The SFAA is offering ‘Goat 2 Meeting’ Zoom calls that will allow anyone who uses Zoom video chats to have exclusive sessions with some of their goats or llamas.

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If you sign up, the SFAA will join your video conference, do a quick introduction of the farm and let you chat and spend time with goats or llamas.

According to SFAA’s website, you can choose one of four video call options, ranging from $65 to $750:

  • 20-minute Virtual Private Tour: $65; up to 6 people. The tour will highlight a few animals and areas of the farm.
  • 10-minute Corporate Meeting Cameo: $100 donation and unlimited guests. Just send the SFAA your Zoom meeting link and they’ll join the call with some of their goats and llamas.
  • 25-minute Corporate Meeting Virtual Tour: $250 and unlimited guests. The company will join your meeting and they’ll show you and your coworkers the animals and areas around the farm.
  • 25-minute VIP Meeting Tour: $750 donation and unlimited guests. This call includes meeting the animals, seeing the farm and also a chat with the company’s executive director to give a special view of the farm.

If your kids are learning from home, the farm also has an option for public school virtual field trips, which are free and “highly customizable” for educators.

However, according to the SFAA website, the farm is currently “overloaded on requests.” But you can check on its upcoming availability by clicking here.

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