Fiesta Especial 2020 gives large donation to local non-profits that serve those with disabilities

Fiesta Especial will hold its annual celebration day on Nov. 10th

SAN ANTONIO – Fiesta 2020 is still several months away, but on Monday, what would have been the start of the first full week of the annual festival, the Fiesta Especial Court helped out local non-profits dedicated to serving people with disabilities.

The royal court is donating $14,000 to support the causes of seven organizations, including the Autism Treatment Center, Morgan’s Wonderland, Disability SA and the Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children.

Fiesta Especial plans to hold its annual celebration day for children and adults with disabilities on Nov. 10th.

For more information on the Fiesta Especial event, visit its website by clicking here.

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