Vehicle burglaries, thefts on the rise in Bexar County

Sheriff’s office reports 11% increase in break-ins, 18% increase in burglaries

SAN ANTONIO – Nurse Jennifer Rodriguez and Aaron Higgins were self-isolating at a hotel near the airport when they discovered their car had been stolen from the parking lot.

“It was pretty surreal because we kind of were a little distraught. We were like, ‘well, he probably left town or something,’” Higgins said.

After driving around the area, they spotted the vehicle and called police. Police eventually caught up with the driver. Higgins said the inside of the car was trashed and it appeared the driver was trying to paint the exterior of the car.

Bexar County Sheriff: Crime numbers ‘deceptively promising’ amid coronavirus pandemic

They’re not alone. Several Bexar County law enforcement agencies are reporting an increase in vehicle break-ins and vehicle thefts.


The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office reported an 11% increase in the number of vehicle thefts across the county between March 3 and April 25 of 2020. They also report an 18% increase in burglaries, which include residential, and business, between March 3 to April 25 2020 when compared to the same time frame in 2019.

But other crimes like family violence, narcotics, and DWI are down, according to their data. The sheriff says he believes these types of crimes are still happening but just not out in the open.

Pandemic has led to fewer DWI arrests in the area, officials say

Higgins and Rodriguez hope their story will serve as a warning to others in the community to be more vigilant.

”I would say let’s look out for each other, “ Rodriguez said.

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