San Antonio company aims to innovate world of robotics

Plus One Robotics helping to improve future of warehouse, e-commerce, manufacturing work

SAN ANTONIO – Robots seem to be the way of the future, especially when it comes to warehouse work. And now, a San Antonio company has projects in development to help make that future brighter.

“We don’t make robots, we make the eyes for the robots to be able to work in those environments,” Erik Nieves, Plus One Robotics CEO and co-founder, said.

Here at the Port San Antonio company, it has a new initiative. It’s a program involving Zachary Keeton, a former Northside Independent School District teacher.

Keeton is leading what is called the “Yonder Project”.

“That essentially means that we enable the robots to call for help from a human from anywhere in the world,” Keeton said.

So why would robots need help from humans?

"They just have a memory to do the same thing over and over and over again and that works when you’re going to build cars, but that doesn’t work when you have to move packages and fulfill orders and do that type of thing,” Nieves said.

Photo Courtesy: Plus One Robotics (KSAT)

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